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Skiing Advance

A simple mode 4 game that was made for the Gameboy Advance development competition of Feb 2002. We put it together in a period of about 18 hours, since we started on the day before the entries were due. Oh well, after we finished. I went back through the code and broke it up into multiple C files making it easier to read. Then I've also fixed a few bugs in collision detection, and some other things. You can read more about this in the comments at the top of the main.c file.

Instructions: Ski down the mountain and avoid running into any trees. You can move left, and right while skiing. You have three lives, and your score is kept in the bottom left.

It was originally compiled using armgcc 2.9, but we have since rewrote it to be compatible with the devkitadv. Included in the file are visual c project files if you like using that as your editor. You can build it simply by invoking DOMAKE.BAT. For more information take a glance at the readme.txt included in the zip file.
Skiing Advance screen shot

Click here to download source and binary (617k)

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